Meet Kellie


I’m an AIPP accredited photographer working part-time as a wedding, portrait, and newborn photographer. Using the right light and composition, I love to tell stories and make art with my photography.

What is my favourite part of being a wedding photographer you may ask... that is simple, it’s the atmosphere, the people and of course... the food.

My goal is simple. To take you back to those crazy moments every time you see your photos … and not eat all your wedding cake!

Why is getting to know me so important? I'm just your photographer, right? It’s your day. You need to feel comfortable. I want to take photos that are meaningful to you. I want to surprise you with images that you didn’t even know you wanted … until I showed them to you.

You want photos that get to the heart of you and the people you love, not photos that reflect a photographer’s favourite pose. I get that, and that’s what I want for you too!

So for 95% of the day, I will simply capture artistic images that will take you back to the moment. For 5% of the day I will give you some helpful direction… like, “Hey, the light over here is really nice… Let’s take that shot of you and your grandma… If you’d like to squeeze her a little tighter, then go for it.” Basically, the better I know you as a couple, the better I’m able to tell your story.

Okay, a little about me:

I was raised on an Angus cattle farm on the Mid North Coast (MNC) of NSW, and met my fiancé and best friend, James, at university. James is a farmer and we split our time between Macksville and my fiancé’s family cropping farm near the town of Spring Ridge, SW of Tamworth. We love the farm and work hard to ensure that the next generations can love farming as much as we do.

I’m inspired by people who’re in love. I will try and not ugly-cry at your wedding, but to be honest, no promises. I look intently for the moments in people’s lives where a choice has been made to truly love one another. Not just the feeling that we call ‘love’, but the moments in which love is expressed.

Other than a photographer, I'm also a clinical pharmacist, specialising in patient safety for NSW Health. I manage the area of the MNC. On some weekdays I photograph locally on the MNC, and on weekends I photograph weddings, families and newborns around the MNC and Northern Tablelands, mainly Tamworth and Macksville.

I love the combination of being a health care professional and professional photographer, and treasure the opportunities that my work gives me to meet so many people, for so many reasons.